Shenzhen Xin Ze Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is a collection research and development, production and sales as one of the professional engaged in fiber processing peripheral equipment and various metal stamping products manufacturing enterprises, registered capital of 5 million yuan.

    We adhering to the "forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, solidarity and cooperation" spirit, the past few years, through the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the performance of continuous improvement, management is improving. Product marketing around the world.

    We have high-quality management team and professional R & D team, the scale of production has been expanding. At present a total of nearly 400 employees, plant more than 10,000 square feet. In 2004 the company successfully passed the Commonwealth Standards Association of ISO9001: 2000 international certification, and the introduction of ERP enterprise management software, and constantly optimize the process to enhance the competitiveness of the company.

    We have many years engaged in the field of optical fiber equipment, professional and technical personnel, and product research and development on the award-winning, won the customer trust and affirmation. In the optical fiber automatic cutting cable machine, fiber grinding machine, curing furnace, grinding fixture, vacuum machine, pneumatic crimping machine, suction plastic and other equipment research and development, production areas have high strength, in the industry has been Exquisite workmanship, excellent quality and good after-sales service in a leading position.

    We have a variety of stamping parts, sheet metal pieces and a variety of precision metal mold design and production capacity. The existing production equipment more than 100 Taiwan, to meet the size of stamping parts, chassis and cabinet production, the company has long been engaged in the production of professional and technical staff, can provide customers with professional business consulting and technical services The

    We have strict product quality control. From the incoming storage to the formation of products, all aspects of the library are equipped with a dedicated staff to ensure that products of high quality. In the after-sales service, the company respected "perfect service, rapid response" combat concept. Customers for the Division I to provide the appropriate services, the company will be the first time to send professional staff to meet customer requirements.

    We unswervingly through the development of its own technology, so that products in the peer industry has been in a leading position for our customers to provide high-quality products and services. Company to "quality first, customer first, rapid response, the courage to innovate" for the purpose.

    And strive to become China's largest and best fiber equipment suppliers.